Come to Auckland, New Zealand
                       14th - 16th of April 2025

Join us at our Transdisciplinary Conference:
        The Mind's Ear and Inner Voice 2025

The Mind's Ear and Inner Voice 2025 Conference is the first of its kind, with a goal to unite disciplines in the search for an answer to the differences in human experience - specifically related to the experiences of inner voice and inner ear. It is a unique transdisciplinary conference on the topic of auditory imagery and the inner voice. Imagining words, voices, music and other sounds is a familiar feature of everyday experience and an integral part of many creative endeavours.

The neurocognitive mechanisms that enable us to imagine sounds have long been a focus of scientific interest. Moreover, people vary widely in their experiences of auditory imagery and an inner voice while reading, remembering the past, planning the future, problem-solving and engaging in creative work. The aim of The Mind’s Ear and the Inner Voice 2025 is to forge new insights and improved understanding of auditory imagery and its role in thinking, memory and creativity by providing a forum for transdisciplinary exchange of ideas, theories and empirical findings.

We invite submissions to The Mind’s Ear and Inner Voice 2025 from scientists, scholars in the humanities and from artists, especially musicians, poets and writers, who share a fascination with the topic of auditory imagery.

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Share your experiences, Thoughts and research

Are you a scholar or scientist interested in auditory imagery and consciousness, an artist or someone with Anauralia and would like to speak or provide a poster at The Mind's Ear and Inner Voice 2025?

We would love to hear from you!

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